This week I tackled banana bread.

How hard can banana bread be? You ask yourself.

Well, you have to understand that Meeker’s sister makes the best banana bread you’ve ever had. And kind of like his mom’s lasagna, I don’t touch those recipes. I don’t want them to be compared to mine (which they inevitably will) and fall short.

So until now, I’ve left the banana bread and the lasagna up to his side of the family.

Until now.

After cutting a slice, I rushed it over to Meeker insisting that he be the first to try it. Assuring him that I wouldn’t be offended if he didn’t like it as much as his sister’s (yeah right). He didn’t have to know this was gluten-free banana bread made with agave.

I went back to the kitchen and pretended not to pay any attention to him.

Until he sweetly requested that I bring him another slice.

And that’s when I heard it…

This is the best banana bread I’ve ever had.

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