Good Morning!!

This is the face I looked at while eating breakfast this morning. Good, indeed.

These are the coffee beans I ground to make coffee this morning. Also good.

This is the pancake mix I received from Swanson Health Products to review. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good.

Meeker’s description…

These are drier than the Gobi

And then he proceeded to dunk them in his milk and eat it like cereal.

It very well could have been the way I prepared them. I used a flax egg (2 T. ground flax seed + ¼ cup water) instead of a real egg. And coconut oil instead of canola oil.

(also a product from Swanson – but this stuff is stellar!)

But whether it was my fault or the mix’s fault – it just doesn’t seem worth it. Pancakes are pretty easy to whip up, and I think I’ll stick with the homemade variety from here on out.

Also…as I took a look at the ingredients (after eating 3 pancakes) I realized it had sugar.

Dang it. Sugar-Free-July fail. Should have read the label beforehand.

But at least I have this…

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