Confession: I’ve never made pie before. Ever. I’ve eaten a lot of pies, but something about pie crust intimidates me tremendously. However, upon perusing through my trusty Babycakes cookbook, I decided this would be the week to change all that.

Being gluten free and vegan, this wasn’t your traditional pie crust. But it turned out it was delightful in its own way.

I think it helped that I just let myself off the hook on the fancy lattice pie crust and went with a more rustic approach. It all tastes the same right?

I say it’s just as pretty. But then again, I have an affinity for frumpy foods.

The taste, however, was nothing less than spectacular. Fresh seasonal peaches. Flaky, sweet crust.

This is my kind of pie.

And this is my kind of Babycakes.

I wonder if it tastes as good as pie?


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