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Pancake Sunday

I’ve said this before, but one of the best parts of going to church on Saturday night is getting to lounge around on Sunday morning. Staying in your pajamas past […]

Maxed Out

Adrienne and I packed up the car around 6:30 and drove to Colorado Springs this morning! My mom and my other brother offered to babysit. I’m lucky. The race was […]

Babycakes Friday: Coconut Peach Milkshake

Babycakes and I spent the morning at the pool. After our (hot) walk home, all I could think about was something cold and refreshing to drink. Enter milkshake. Sweetened with […]

Living Without

So, not only did I give up sugar for the month of July, but I (sort of unintentionally) gave up television as well. Meeker and I have been talking about […]

Nap Replacement

Breakfast I made some oaty chia pudding this morning… I love the texture of chia seeds! I combined the following and let it set while I fed Adrienne – about […]

It’s still Tuesday.

Whew! It’s been a long day (so long, in fact, that I couldn’t think of a decent title for this post). A good day, but a long one. I’ve been […]

Home Grown

Cake Situation

The cake situation around here is getting a little ridiculous. Meeker has been out of town since Saturday, and I’ve eaten cake for no less than four meals since then. […]

Babyakes Saturday: Paradise Cake

Yes, I made a cake. I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t you just give up sugar for the month of July? And yes, I did. However, when you own this […]

Babycakes Friday

…has been postponed to Babycakes Saturday. Due to high temperatures in our casa, the frosting I was making didn’t set properly. It is currently chilling in the refrigerator, and will […]