Good Morning!


I started mine off with the crossfit workout of the day. (except I didn’t do 185lbs, I only did 100lbs. I’m just not that strong.)


I workout in our garage while listening to the baby monitor. I used to listen to music, but now I listen for baby A to wake up. (Also, the monitor is a good place to keep my wedding ring when I’m lifting – otherwise I get a ridiculously looking blister on my left hand under my ring finger).


Then I came in for cereal. A bunch of cereal, actually. Uncle Sam’s Flax, Love Grown granola, puffed millet, rolled oats, and ground flax.


Mmmm real milk. I love cow’s milk, but don’t drink it very often. It hit the spot this morning. (Mostly because we are out of soy)

Have a happy day!

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