I’ve posted about this before, but when Meeker and I were first married – I pretty much thought Rachael Ray’s 30-minute meal cookbook was the only thing I’d ever need.

I made this soup weekly.


While I don’t really love making a hot soup in the middle (end?) of August – Meeker requested it this week, and it has such sentimental first-year-of-marriage feelings associated with it, that I couldn’t turn him down.

























If I’m honest, my favorite parts of this soup are the bacon crumbles (hiding there in the back) and the limes.


Oh, and the chips. You pour all the chicken/tomato slop down over chips. I like that.



I kind of picked around the chicken (wasn’t doing much for me) – but the rest was as good as I remember. Meeker slurped it up, too. Even on a hot August night.

Also, did you vote today?

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