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Babycakes Friday: Ginger-Peach Corn Muffins

Millions of (wrinkly) peaches. Peaches for me. I’ve been singing that song all day. Mostly because I made another peach recipe from Babycakes. The summer is dwindling (waaaah!) and I’m […]

Anniversary Cookies

Four years ago today, Meeker and I tied the knot. The funny thing is, I can never remember our anniversary (is that funny?) I’m not very good at dates. I […]

Five Minute Raw Chocolate Cake

Guess what? I didn’t even realize that sugar-free-july was over with until my mom mentioned it at lunch yesterday. Had I remembered, I would have woken up to a nice […]

Blue Skies

I’m still on vacation. Complete with picnics, family, hiking and endless blue skies. I’ll be back tomorrow with chocolate cake for you all.