Can I just tell you about the unbelievable day I had?

1. I spent the morning at MOPS – which is a basically a chance every other Tuesday to drop sweet little A off at the nursery at our church and sit, eat, socialize with other adults (!), and learn how to be a better mama. I love it so much.


2. I spent the afternoon at the zoo. And even though Adrienne slept through some of it – I had fun pointing out the animals to her and walking around outside all afternoon.

3. While I was leaving the zoo, my mom called to tell me that her cancer is gone.

This isn’t something I’ve talked about on the blog, but last March, my mom was diagnosed with some pretty serious ovarian cancer. I don’t know if you know anything about this type of cancer, but it’s a pretty nasty thing and the doctor didn’t have much hope back in March. However, my mama is a trooper and she had about 10,000 people praying for her every single day. Yes, she had a major surgery to remove most of it. Yes, she went through chemotherapy for three months. But I say the 10,000 daily prayers had more to do with it than you might think.

It’s gone. Totally, completely, out of here. I can’t tell you the joy in my heart.

4. I made this white chicken chili for dinner and it was scrumptious.


But really…the absence of cancer was the best part of my day.

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