Last time I made cupcakes I confessed to you that I don’t really like cupcakes.


It’s not that I don’t like to eat them. It’s because I’m not good at frosting them. So why make them again? Because next week’s Babycake’s recipe uses these little ditties as a base. So I had to make cupcakes this week.

It was pure torture playing with sprinkles and cute cupcake wrappers (thank you Janetha!) and eating cake. Torture, I tell you.


Oh, and because I hate frosting cupcakes, I just did my own thing. I used this chocolate sauce recipe of mine instead of the one from the cookbook. I think it worked out okay.

And if it didn’t, you can’t tell because I went wild with the sprinkles.


They were delicious. I mean…really good. I think cupcakes (especially vegan and gluten-free) are tricky sometimes because they get really dry – but these bad boys were rich and cakey and wonderful.

Which is why I’m headed out the door to school so I can take the entire batch to my old co-workers from last year. I don’t need to eat 24 cupcakes this weekend.

How about this little cupcake?


My heart melts into a big puddle when I look at this picture.


This is a post in a series I’m doing called Babycakes Friday. Each week I review a recipe out of theBabycakes Cookbook. I have no affiliation with the company, I just really like healthy, vegan treats.

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