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Breakfast Bagel

This is my favorite new breakfast. Nothing revolutionary – just delicious. I think I’ll call it ants on an innertube. And just so you can picture me, I eat about […]

A Filing Salad

I eat a lot of salad. One question I get over and over again on this blog is: Does a salad really fill you up? And the answer is unequivocally, […]

Family Time

Ain’t in no hurryI’d be a fool now to worryAbout all those things I can’t changeAnd the time that I borrowCan wait till tomorrowCause I ain’t in no hurry today… […]

Babycakes Friday: Apple Cinnamon Toastie

As much as I am mourning the passing of summertime – there is one thing that I am supremely happy about. The return of apple season. And apple sweater season. […]

Denver’s Most Valuable Blogger

It was finally announced today – we did it! I am officially CBS Denver’s most valuable blogger! Reader’s choice and editor’s pick. I can’t tell you how much this means […]

Carrot Juice (and more!)

Have you seen the documentary Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead? I watched it last week. And I tell you what – that guy’s transformation was amazing. I don’t think that […]

Asian Salad

Let’s talk about lunch, shall we? I eat a salad every single day. That might change as the weather gets cooler – but for now, I’m on a salad kick […]

Applesauce Cereal

Let’s talk about breakfast. Mmmkay? I eat at least two of them every day. I am ravenous in the morning. When people say that breakfast holds them over for 3 […]

Stuffed Shells

We had these (tofu) stuffed shells for dinner last tonight. And they were dang good. Meeker said…. I loved stuffed shells. I don’t even care that you probably filled them […]

A New Haircut

You all have emailed me requesting pictures of my new haircut. Okay, it’s not really new anymore. But I rarely get gussied up these days, so it’s taken me a […]