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Babycakes Friday: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

I can’t ever seem to remember that I need to add more flour to the Babycakes’ recipes so that they are successful at high altitude. Today was not the day […]

Back in Action

Oh hey there…look whose feeling better! After subsiding on toast and gatorade for a couple of days – I found my way to the kitchen to make the easiest meal […]

Out of Commission

Sorry about my lack of posting. I have mastitis, and it feels like I’m dying. Adrienne has spent the better part of the last 24 hours laying in bed or […]

How to build a perfect veggie sandwich

You start with the bread. Any kind will do. I like mine toasted, but that’s not necessary for perfection. Unless you’re me…then it is. Then you add the spreads. Both […]

Chia Kombucha

I had really high hopes for this. I love GT’s kombucha. I love chia seeds. I cracked this open immediately after walking in from the grocery store. So excited to […]

Fall Oatmeal

I don’t mean to just keep posting about my breakfasts. But it just seems like the easiest (only?) time of day I have to actually photograph and sit down with […]

Spelt Shortcake

Good Morning! Remember those spelt shortcakes from yesterday?   Well, I 86’ed the frosting and replaced it with almond butter and agave. Oh my heavens. This was good. Hope your […]

Babycakes Friday: Strawberry Shortcake

I don’t want summer to end. The peaches, the strawberries, the long days, the pool…it’s just too good. I say this every year – but I want to move somewhere […]

For the love of cake.

Alternate title for this post: “What happens when you get pooped on while attempting to eat lunch and as a result go to Whole Foods on an empty stomach, then […]