I was sent these pretzels to review about….uh, a month ago? Maybe more?

I feel a little guilty about it.

Pretzel Review

You see, we ate the pretzels immediately.

We also liked them.

We tried the grilled cheese and cheddar jalapeno varieties. And by we I mean Meeker ate the jalapeno  pretzels because I am afraid of spicy things. He said it was better than the grilled cheese kind – which I tried and liked. A little dry, but fairly tasty. An easy snack/meal/grab-and-go food.

(Plus, they have a fairly short and recognizable ingredient list, which is usually hard to find in pre-packaged goods.)

So yes, we ate them and liked them.

And then I went and forgot about them for a month.

Sorry, Kim and Scott!

I have one more coupon for a box (2 big pretzels) that I want to give to you! All you have to do is like Yes, I want cake on Facebook, and leave me a comment telling me that you did so! I will randomly pick the winner tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Happy Halloween!

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