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Milk Brewed Coffee

It’s Monday. We could all use some coffee, right? Even those of us who don’t go to work on Mondays can use a little something special in the coffee department, […]

I spy…

The busier my week, the more crazy the contents of my bag becomes. I just start shoving things in there as I run out the door, and never bother to […]

Fall Harvest

Our farm day yesterday was an utter success. It was sunny, chilly, and perfectly fall.   I was mistaken and there weren’t any apples (waaah!) however…look at all of those […]

Babycakes Friday: Double-Chocolate Crumb Cake

Guess what I’m doing today? No, not baking Babycake’s double-chocolate crumb cake. That was yesterday. Today (right now!) I am at an orchard bringing in the bountiful fall harvest. I […]

Baked Orzo

Mom, you have to make this for dinner tonight. I love Jessica, and everything she makes is delicious. Please?? We had White Bean and Parmesan Baked Orzo for dinner tonight […]

Work it Out

Yes, I knew this picture of me doing calf raises in my kitchen was being taken and I totally flexed. And sucked it in. Also, sometime I drink coffee during […]

Weekly Salad

How about one without any leaves this week? Mostly because we’re out of leaves. Spinach, romaine, mixed greens…we have none. What’s that saying about necessity breeding innovation? This is like […]

On a roll

Adrienne’s latest achievement is rolling…everywhere. I’ll set her down in the living room, and 2 minutes later, she’s in twenty-feet away rolling across the kitchen floor. She finds me, then […]

Coconut Flour Oatmeal Cake

Whew. It was a heck of a weekend over here. An out of town race. Planning (and executing) my mother-in-law’s 50th surprise birthday party. Doggie sitting the adorable puppy, Brutus. […]

Family Race

We ran our first family race this morning! We took first in the stroller division. Okay, that wasn’t a real category, but had it been – we would have been […]