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Baby Led Weaning, part ii

Fascinating. It’s probably (almost certainly) because she’s my child, but I tell you…I could watch this girl eat all  day long. She has learned how to eat so efficiently in […]

Breakfast Cookies

Anytime the worlds of desserts and breakfasts collide, I’m happy. Like, really happy. It’s a rare day when I eat something savory for breakfast. Eggs happen only a couple of […]

Roasted Vegetables and Lentils

I feel the same way about roasted vegetables that a lot of bloggers feel about oatmeal. I eat them I never ever get sick of them. There are endless […]

Dry Soda Review

I was a little hesitant when Dry Soda sent me an email offering to send me some products to review. I told them…I’ll try it, but (aside from the occasional […]

Lessons from hosting my first Thanksgiving.

1. A 10lb bag of potatoes makes way too many mashed potatoes for eleven people. (Meeker keeps telling me there is no such thing)   2. A turkey cooked with […]


So thankful… For my family. For my ability to run before I chowed down today. For coffee with whip cream in it. For the retro apron my Nonnie made in […]

Butterscotch Toffee Saltines

This is the easiest recipe. I made them for a church thing last week – and people were practically on their knees begging for the recipe. But I have a […]

Lessons from Behind a Jogging Stroller

1. You’re going to run slower. Get over it. Think of it as running + resistance training.   2. Running with one hand pushing the stroller is easier than running […]

Wild Rice Chicken Salad

Oookaaay. That candy cake last week got the best of me. It kept calling my name, and calling my name until it was all gone. And I was left with […]

Coconut Flour Waffles

Adrienne and I went to the track this morning and ran 800s. It was twenty degrees outside. All I could think about was coming home, eating waffles, and drinking coffee […]