1. I’ve stolen Jessica’s Tuesday Things again.


2. Look who we got to puppy-sit again this week! Brutus is now bigger than Punky. He’s only six months old and nowhere near finished growing. Look out, world…this dog is going to be big.



3. We went to see the off-Broadway production of The Lion King last night and it.was.amazing. I can’t even imagine the effort that went into those costumes.


4. I am loving this workout. I did it on Tuesday and I want to do it again.


5. I really hate gift giving (and receiving) at Christmas, (I know, just call me Scrooge) but I can get behind these gift jars.


6. Adrienne’s newest favorite game is having all of her toys in a mixing bowl and stirring them up her hand. Also worth mentioning, her favorite toy is the top to a nalgene water bottle.

bowl of toys


7. Remember that poll I had on my blog about attending a little blogger get together in Boulder? The planning is well underway, and I am in way over my head, but so stinking excited for it.

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