Everyone take a deep breath.

Now let it out.

Ahhhhh. It’s Friday.

The weekend is here! Which means it’s time for me to tell you about all the delicious fellow-blogger food I ate this week. I only have three recipes for you today, but as always, they’re good ones.

First up, Cait’s Whole Wheat Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins. That’s a mouthful. Literally. A mouthful of deliciousness.


I wanted to try these the instant that she posted them, and they were every bit as good as I wanted them to be. I ate a few, Meeker ate a few, our babysitter on Tuesday night ate a few. Adrienne at at least half of one. A major hit.

I also made these delicious Stacked Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas.


Roasted Vegetables. Tortillas. Cheese. Life is good.

Then this morning I made this cute little (crooked) apple cupcake from Eden.


That frosting in there is really just greek yogurt with some peanut butter and sweet stuff. I was going to share some with Baby A for breakfast, but it was too good. She can wait a little while before I start teaching her about sharing, right?

The happiest of Fridays to you!

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