Adrienne and I went to the track this morning and ran 800s. It was twenty degrees outside.


All I could think about was coming home, eating waffles, and drinking coffee out of my Holly Golightly mug.


Actually, if I’m honest, I was thinking about those things when I went to bed last night. But it sounds much more normal to say I thought of them while running this morning instead of immediately after dinner last night. What can I say? I like to eat.


Waffles always remind me of eating in the dorms my freshman year of college. There were two high-tech waffle irons and a bucket of batter that always had lines a mile long behind them. And chef would stand there with his arms crossed telling you to hurry up, or slow down, or not make a mess.

He would have had a lot of words for Baby A.


Anyways, I like waffles. After dinner, at breakfast, and any old time the mood strikes me. Especially these waffles. I’ve told you about my love affair with coconut flour, right? It’s a crumbly little flour that makes everything tastes like a scone. Maybe I should call these scone waffles?

Coconut Flour Waffles

1/2 c coconut flour

1/2 c spelt flour

1/2 c brown rice flour

pinch of nutmeg

2 T sugar

2 t baking powder

1/2 t salt

1 c coconut milk (the kind in the carton, not the can)

1/2 c water

2 T canola oil

1/2 t vanilla

Heat your waffle iron and spray with non-stick spray.  Combine flours, nutmeg, sugar, baking powder and salt. In a separate bowl, combine the milk, water, oil and vanilla. Add the wet to the dry and mix until combined. The batter will be very thick. You will have to press it into your waffle iron – almost more like dough than batter.

Top with greek yogurt and maple syrup and love every second of every bite.


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