1. You’re going to run slower. Get over it. Think of it as running + resistance training.


2. Running with one hand pushing the stroller is easier than running with two hands pushing the stroller. As long as the road is straight and flat.


4. If you are running up over a curb or making a sharp turn, hold on to that stroller for dear life. With both hands.


5. Always strap your dear baby into the stroller. Even if she can’t move yet. And even if you’re just walking. Also, see #4.  I learned this the hard way.


6. Hills have never been more difficult.


7. You have the best justification to stop for walking breaks…I need to check on the baby.


8. You always have a running buddy.


9. I can’t run with the stroller and the dog. (There is a lady in my neighborhood that pushes a double wide stroller and takes her dog on the leash. I’m not nearly that coordinated. Punky is not nearly that well behaved. There are way too many rabbits on our running route.)


10. You’ll be amazed at how quick and coordinated you feel when you run without the stroller.

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