1. A 10lb bag of potatoes makes way too many mashed potatoes for eleven people. (Meeker keeps telling me there is no such thing)


2. A turkey cooked with the bag of giblets left inside tastes just fine. (Even though everyone in the world told me to take it out, I didn’t. I couldn’t find it. It was 5am and I had been up all night comforting a baby who cut her first tooth just in time for turkey.)


3. Little girls love Kitchenaid mixers just as much as big girls.



4. It’s fun to get mashed potatoes up your nose and in your eyelashes and all over the floor. Especially if you’re six months old.


5. Two tables pushed together work like one big table when you cover them both with matching bed sheets.



6. When you have Thanksgiving at your house, you get to keep the leftovers.


7. Even if the food isn’t perfect (see number 2) – no one cares. They just like being together.

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