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Recipe Review

Everyone take a deep breath. Now let it out. Ahhhhh. It’s Friday. The weekend is here! Which means it’s time for me to tell you about all the delicious fellow-blogger […]

Thursday Things

1. I’ve stolen Jessica’s Tuesday Things again.   2. Look who we got to puppy-sit again this week! Brutus is now bigger than Punky. He’s only six months old and […]

Bananas and Granola

This is my latest favorite breakfast. I think I’ve had it five mornings in a row.  And that super simple granola? I cannot get enough. Oddly enough, I don’t even […]

Baby Led Weaning

Before I start, I just have to say that I am not an expert on Baby Led Weaning (BLW). I read the book, and we are doing it with Adrienne, […]

Candy Cookie Cake

Remember when I told you I wasn’t going to eat a single piece of Meeker’s extraordinary post-Halloween candy purchase? I lied. But remember when I told you I was going […]

That one workout.

Some of you asked for that Crossfit workout I mentioned yesterday… 1 mile run 100 pull ups 200 push ups 300 squats 1 mile run I tell you what. That […]

Recipe Review

Oh my heck. Today’s crossfit workout just about did me in. I’m actually having trouble typing. I wanted to quit and cry and throw up – but I didn’t. I […]

Thursday Things

1. My parents came up to babysit on Tuesday night while Meeker and I went to Bible study. My dad also made us a loaf of bread. Is there anything […]

Strawberry Basil Smoothie

Guess who tried a strawberry this week and liked it? I know – strawberries aren’t even close to being in season. But they were on sale at the grocery store, […]

Zucchini Carrot Cake

Can we talk about leftover Halloween candy for a second? We gave all of ours away on Halloween. At 8:45pm I was tired of handing it out, so I dumped […]