I’m usually a really good sleeper. I fall asleep almost immediately after getting into bed. Not much wakes me up, and when something (a baby)  does, I can usually go right back to sleep.

But every once in a while, sleep eludes me. When that happens, my head becomes a tornado of meaningless thoughts – all of which I think are incredibly insightful at 3am. I recently had one of those nights. Welcome to the thought-storm…

1. The house is really quiet right now. I should always get up at 3 am and get stuff done.


2. By get stuff done, I obviously mean lay on the couch and watch Desperate Housewives.



3. I wonder what I could sell on craigslist to make money to buy Christmas presents? How much could I get for that old TV in the basement?


4. Sometimes I miss going to work and making money. Wait, no I don’t. I’m supremely happy that I don’t have to go to work in a few hours.


5. I really need a piece of this lasagna.


6. When I was pregnant and couldn’t sleep, I used to go to the gym. Now I’m on the couch watching TV and thinking about lasagna. I’ve got things backwards.


7. I bet that Michelle Duggar lady will only be in labor for about ten minutes when she has her twentieth kid. I wonder how many years it’s been since she’s slept through the night?


8. I really want a gingerbread latte right now. It probably won’t help my sleep situation. I’ll wait a few hours. (I did, and it was so good)



9. How did I just discover Desperate Housewives? This show is so entertaining. I want to live on Wisteria Lane.


10. I wonder what Adrienne would do if I woke her up and tried to play with her right now?


…and then, after four hours of restlessness, just like that, I fell back asleep.

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