1. This is Meeker eating a giant turkey leg with a dirty oven mitt.



2. I just ordered this and am using it as a diaper bag. I love it. Meeker makes fun of me for carrying a backpack. (But I post pictures of him eating turkey legs on the internet)


3. I am making these for someone on my Christmas list. I just don’t know who yet.


4. Is this not the best hat you’ve ever seen?



5. I did this week’s Tuesday Trainer in my snow gear. It was six degrees in our garage.


6. I made this lasagna that I’d been dreaming about forever. One tray for me, one for a friend who just had a baby. It was perfect and every bit as sweet and squashy as I’d imagined.



7. This is the latest haircut that I want. Probably don’t have the guts.


8. I am loving this salad. I add avocados.



9. This makes me want to go hiking.


10. Thanks to Bev, I’m sort of in a magazine. Page 9.

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