Oh hey there!

Um, there are only 4 more sleeps until Christmas. Are you ready?! I’m not. I’ve just been hanging around the breakfast table drinking mug after mug of coffee this morning. Putting off what I know needs to be done.


Also, my best friend is in town from New York and we’ve been doing fun things like making friends with the people at Teavana in the mall so we can get endless samples.

Watching Damages.

Forcing our dogs to be best friends.

Making the dogs do funny things so Adrienne laughs.

It’s been endless amounts of fun.

Oh, and you have to make this recipe. Just have to. It’s delicious.


You also have to check out what Lindsay and Janetha and I have been working on for the last couple of months. I introduce to you…. the BLEND Retreat! Go look at that website. It’s going to be the biggest blast in 2012. You want to be there, trust me.

Was this the most random post or what?! I can’t help it. Christmas is on Saturday. I have a to-do list that is three miles long and growing. I’m off to tackle a few things…or just drink more coffee and play with a couple of dogs. Both sound like fun.

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