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New Year’s Eve

  Baby A has her party dress on. Little does she know that her bedtime is still 8 o’clock tonight. (Okay, let’s be honest, she doesn’t know or care that […]

Panini Press Hash Browns

Oh boy. I am so glad to be back to normal life. Yesterday I swept, mopped, vacuumed, scrubbed, put away Christmas decorations, did one million loads of laundry, and organized […]


After all of this… We were in desperate need of this… I’ll be back on Friday with something good for you to eat!

Chobani Giveaway and BLEND Retreat!

How was your Christmas?! Can you believe it’s over? Well, mine isn’t – we have had two Christmas celebrations, and are having another one today. Lot’s of family time…it’s been […]

One more sleep ‘till Christmas!

Oh hey…look. I got the guts to chop my hair clean off. Just in time for cold weather. I like it, but my neck is freezing. I will be wearing […]

Chocolate Chip Almond Meringues

Today is my birthday. Because it is three days before Christmas, it’s really not a big deal. I’m completely okay with sharing my birthday week with baby Jesus. It makes […]


Oh hey there! Um, there are only 4 more sleeps until Christmas. Are you ready?! I’m not. I’ve just been hanging around the breakfast table drinking mug after mug of […]

After-School Cookies

You know what I miss about teaching? Well, a few things. Those silly, sweet eight-year olds. My co-workers. Packed lunches. I do not miss packing my lunch. That was a […]

Sunday Scones

I hope you got the bulk of your shopping done yesterday, and you get a chance to relax eat oatmeal scones today. I hope you get some time to sit […]

Christmas Shopping

Guess who hasn’t started Christmas shopping yet? Me. That’s right. Not started. And I just realized there are only nine days until Christmas. Today is the day. It cannot be […]