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Mug Coffee Cake

I was up and eating cake at 7am today. Wait, didn’t you just talk about muscles and crossfit yesterday? This blog is weird. I never claimed I didn’t eat cake. […]

How to do Crossfit

I think the two questions I get the most on this blog are: How did you lose the baby weight? How do you do crossfit? And as it turns out, […]

Weekly Salad

It’s been a while. Yes, I want salad. Just not as much as I did when it was 100 degrees every day. Okay, it’s rarely 100 degrees in Colorado. The […]

Granola Bar, part ii

  I’ve been working on that granola bar. With a little help from Alton Brown, I discovered the secret was to add a little more sugar, and melt it with […]


Have you heard of this 1,000 rep workout? I read about it here yesterday – and then woke up this morning excited to try it. Basically, you do 10 rounds […]

Chocolate Almond Biscotti

The first time I had biscotti, I was in college. I had something like $1.92 to my name, and I was studying in a coffee shop at some unsightly hour […]

Ten Thursday Things

1. This is Meeker eating a giant turkey leg with a dirty oven mitt.   2. I just ordered this and am using it as a diaper bag. I love […]

Potatoes and Beets

How many recipes for roasted vegetables can I tell you about before you stop reading this blog? By the same token, how many pictures of Baby A on the counter […]

Homemade Granola

  I have a friend who asked me to re-create her favorite granola bar recipe. She bought a pack of them at a farmer’s market from some obscure little stand […]

Yes, I want fudge.

That’s my sister-in-law, Sheila – and my two pretty nieces Sydney and Ellie. So much love. You know what else I love? Well, a lot of things. But one of […]