1. This book exists. I found it at the library the other day and then came home and pretty much read the whole thing.


2. I get to see this girl in 15 days. I could not be more excited.


3. How did my little tiny newborn baby learn how to stand up?



4. Arugula Pesto? Please, please, please can I eat this for every meal of my life from here on out?


5. Watch this and try not to laugh. Just try it. (Have I been hanging out with a baby for too long?)


6. I had a dream this week that I convinced Meeker to let me redecorate our kitchen to look sort of like this. In my dream I kept chanting: white on white! white on white! white on white! I really wish that dream would come true. Chanting and all.

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7. Rob Lowe’s autobiography is so good. I can’t put it down.


8. BLEND Retreat is going to be so much gosh darn fun. I positively cannot wait another minute. But I have to.


9. I want my hair to grow out immediately so I can do this with it. Until then, I’ll just be content with looking like a mom-version of Justin Bieber (what’s a Justice Beaver?)


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