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Maple Balsamic Dressing

Adrienne cut her third tooth yesterday. Top right. It’s adorable…she looks like a little snaggly tooth pirate. That’s an adorable image right? (Well, it is when said pirate has cheeks […]

Healthy(ish) Breakfast Burrito

I woke up on Saturday morning with an overwhelming need for a breakfast burrito. Need. Considering that my desire for things that aren’t cake are usually fleeting, I jumped all […]

Oatmeal Apple Crisp

So, you know oatmeal doesn’t do it for me, right? Like, a big bowl of steaming hot oatmeal holds no appeal. However, if you want to put oats inside some […]

Thursday Things

1. This book exists. I found it at the library the other day and then came home and pretty much read the whole thing.   2. I get to see […]

Sautéed Cabbage and Chicken

I didn’t plan on sharing this meal with you all because it was just sort of thrown together for dinner on Monday. But as I was eating leftovers yesterday afternoon […]

Crusty Bread

I’m never buying bread again. Alright, that’s probably not true. But this bread is so gosh darn good, and so easy to make. It only has three ingredients. THREE. It […]

Vegetable Leek Soup

  I love leeks. I don’t know why I don’t eat them more often – probably because I don’t know what to do with them except make soup. When I […]

Lunch Lately

I’m on an arugula kick. I have been putting it in every meal I’ve eaten this week. It tastes like peppery butter to me – which means it goes with […]

Tabata This & The Z-Fund

Want a quick workout for today? It’s kind of confusing…so pay attention. It’s taken straight from Crossfit a few days ago – I don’t make this stuff up. Couldn’t if […]

Easy Blackberry Jam

The other day my friend Sarah tweeted about some scones and blackberry jam she was eating. I tweeted her back and basically told her that she needed to email me […]