1 . I have been eating at least one head of kale (sometimes two) a day lately. It’s just so gosh darn good. Especially this sunshine in a bowl. I can use all the sunshine I can get.



2. It snowed again. If anyone reading this lives in the Caribbean and wants to host a family of three (+ a cat and a dog) until say…June…please let me know.  I will do all of your cooking to earn our keep. Maybe even all the cleaning.



3.  My grandma turned ninty-one years old on Sunday. How awesome is she?


5. I get to see Cait this week! We met for coffee last year when I was in NYC for a wedding and it was one of the best hours of my life. I am counting down the seconds until I see her again.


6. There are still a couple of tickets left for BLEND. I really, really, really think that if you can make it happen – you should be there. I sincerely want to meet you and play together in Boulder for a weekend. Just imagine the fun. Or don’t imagine it…look at this outline of events.


7. Go check out this week’s Tuesday Trainer…there is a video of Baby A and me. She eats paper in it. You would hate to miss that, wouldn’t you?


8. Speaking of Baby A – she is terrific at helping me with laundry.



9. This video is so oddly/freakishly/awesomely entertaining. But it’s five minutes long, so go get yourself a cup of coffee before you press play. I promise you’ll be amused…you might even laugh.


10. Have an incredible Tuesday!

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