1. Have you guys ever had these little candies? I saw them at the grocery store on the top shelf of some obscure isle, and I thought they were candy cigarettes, so I picked them up. Turns out, they’re better than candy cigarettes. Way better. They only have four ingredients, too. Keep your eyes peeled for them…they’re delicious.



2. I am having five girls over tonight and we are making 25 meals to put in our freezers. How fun is that going to be? Well, I don’t really know, but I imagine it’s going to be really fun. I’ll keep you posted.


3. Meeker had to work allllll weekend so I surprised him on Sunday evening by grilling him a steak when he got home. He doesn’t look that happy in these pictures, but he was thrilled. (about the steak, not about me photographing him while he ate…can you blame him?)

Thursday Things


4. Speaking of Meeker, he made this chalkboard with pockets for me last week.



5. Based on some of my recent pins, I think I need to move (immediately) to an all white house with incredible lighting.


6. I went back to the store and bought (at least) another pound of those almonds that were on sale. I know, I know…but  $3 for a pound of almonds?! I feel like that deal might never happen again.


7. Adrienne has almost outgrown my favorite (pink tuxedo!) onsie of hers. So, I took about 500 pictures of her wearing it yesterday so I will never forget how ridiculously adorable she is. Here are three of them.

Month 10


8. I just stared at the above picture for five whole minutes and then my heart exploded.



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