This is how a typical Monday morning starts for us.


We roll around on the ground until we get some motivation to go grocery shopping. But before we hit the stores…we need a plan.


I probably get 80% of my meal ideas online, and the rest are old  easy standbys (hello Taco Tuesday). Our weekly freezer meal is from that time I had some friends over and we made twenty-five meals in one night.

Weekends usually mean snacking + leftovers, so I don’t really plan for that.


After the menu is planned…I make a list. I highlight the things I will get at the FIRST grocery store (cheap produce and the bulk bins) and then pick up the non-highlighted items at the SECOND grocery store (canned goods, dairy, and other things).


There are almost always things I forget to add to the list. This week I also picked up:

  • blueberries
  • sweet potatoes
  • baby wipes
  • bathroom cleaner
  • bananas


Adrienne is in charge of the pen when we’re out. Only because without it, she chews on the grocery cart. Grody.


I try to spend around $75 each week and I don’t do coupons. I never seem to find coupons for things I would buy anyway.

We also have a freezer full of bison meat – which is why you don’t see any meat for Meeker on the list. Sometimes I’m under, usually I’m over by a few bucks. No big deal.


When we get home, I give Little Miss a (recently purchased) snack and then take care of the goods.


I buy a lot of stuff from the bulk bins, and those typically get stored in old salsa jars.


There you have it. Our grocery shopping strategies. Sometimes I dream of being one of those super moms who cuts and organizes coupons and ends up paying $5 a week to feed their family of 14, but I just can’t seem to get the motivation.

Maybe I need to spend more time rolling around on the floor.

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