You know what I like?

The fact that my girl likes fresh, real food. She really does. She loves tomatoes. She flips for raw spinach. Hummus is her best friend, and she can eat two avocados in under two minutes. That’s no joke.

I am so, so, so, so happy that she likes healthy-good-for-her-perfect-peachy-chubby-little-body. So, so happy. But I’m pretty sure it isn’t an accident. She eats healthy things because:

1. I eat healthy things. Usually. Babies are going to eat what they see their parents eat. There is no way in heck that I would get Adrienne to eat spinach and hummus if I was hoovering hot dogs and chicken nuggets.

2. I put healthy things in front of her. She doesn’t know what fish sticks are. She’s never seen a can of soup. She couldn’t pick a box of macaroni and cheese out of a line up. I’m not saying she’ll never eat those things – she probably will and that’s okay. But when she’s at home she’s going to have fresh food set in front of that round little belly. Oh, and cake. Sometimes she’ll have cake. But you bet your buttons it will be homemade.


You know who agrees with me?

Jamie Oliver. In fact, he started a revolution.

And I’m joining.

I am partnering with Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation Giving Assistant in trying to raise funds to increase awareness about the importance of good food for kiddos. Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation works to improve school food, inspire better food education, galvanize supporters and get as many people cooking as possible.

That’s a revolution I can get behind.

Here’s how you can, too. It’s so incredibly simple that my salad-loving-baby could do it. Seriously.

Just download this FREE Giving Assistant app onto your web browser. It takes just a few clicks. Then you just go about your daily business of doing laundry, walking the dog, changing dirty diapers, shopping online, what have you.

Then, every time you spend money online with a site that is partnered with this awesome foundation, say Amazon, a rad yellow bar drops-down to let you know that they will donate money to Jamie and his Revolution. It could not be easier.

Like, say you need to buy this dress because your little girl can’t live another day without it?
Or say you need a new swimsuit? Or a new pizza stone?

BAM. Money donated to Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation.

Plus, you get registered to enter giveaways and ridiculously swoon-worthy prizes like trips to London to get a cooking class from Jamie Oliver himself. (I realllly want to win) And the more you spend and share with friends, the more times you are entered. The London giveaway ends on the 31st!

So go do it. Download that easy giving assistant app. It doesn’t cost you anything and it gives money to a foundation that teaches people about good food and how to eat right.

After you download it, leave me a comment telling me you did so and I’ll choose a random winner to receive a care package filled by me with a recipe from my blog of YOUR CHOOSING. (Don’t you dare pick that coconut cream pie…you’ll just get a box of mush)

Oh, and because my commenting system is being frustratingly wonky this week, you an also TWEET ME something relevant with #JamieOliversFoodFoundation.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go shopping.

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