Oh hey. Look at Baby A’s new stinky face. She just learned it and I think it’s hilarious.

I also think it sums up my exact thoughts about some of you not being able to comment on my blog this week.

Stinky. I’ve missed you and your nice/witty/extraordinary one-liners you leave me.

I tried to fix it myself, but I lack that tech savvy gene that let’s me bust through problems and get things running smoothly again. So I asked for help from wordpress.

Fullscreen capture 3212012 44434 PM

…isn’t that fun?!

Okay, it’s not fun. Not at all. It’s stinky. So maybe try what that guy kardotim said and give cleaning out your browser’s cache a try and let me know what happens. Or if you have a wordpress account (if you blog and you originally set it up through wordpress – even if you’ve since switched hosts…you probably have one).

Le sigh.

I’m sorry to put this stink on YOU. I wish I could fix it all from my end and we could go skipping off into the sunset together, but I unfortunately can’t. Let me know if you try the cache thing and it still doesn’t let you comment (even send me a screen shot if you have a chance!)

I miss you and appreciate you reading my blog so much!!

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