Ooookay. Some have you requested to see what that twenty-five meal cooking extravaganza looks like. Word of warning…it’s messy. But really fun and cheap and the best productive mid-week mama get together EVER.make ahead meals1

It starts a week or so before when I plan all the meals. Then I compile a shopping list and send it to another mama who does allll the shopping. Bless her heart. She brings it over to my house and my fridge is ridiculously packed with food I can’t eat for a few days. This month I offered to do all the prep (lots of chopping, prebaking some things…it’s not too bad) – but if it involves preparing raw meat, I ask for help and someone comes and picks up what I refuse to do.

Then on the night, they come over after everyone makes dinner for their own families and we get cracking. This month it only took us TWO hours and $45 each to make twenty-five meals. Last month it was about THREE hours and $35.


We basically run around the kitchen laughing, gabbing our faces off, making a mess, forcing our husbands to do bedtime duty, and at the end of it, we all take home five meals. Win, win, win.




Look how this works out. One person is doing dishes, and the rest of us are talking. Notice I’m not doing dishes. Win again. (Thanks Stephanie!)

Since we finished so early this time, we had an hour (or two…) to sit around on the couch drinking wine and talking about gardening and our kids after we (Stephanie) cleaned up. Major wiiiin.


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