(Alternate title for this post: The trip where I forgot a hairbrush. Please excuse the tornado on my head)


Not only was this Meeker’s birthday present, but it was Adrienne’s first real trip. She did fabulously and read to herself in the backseat for a solid three hours. (Also, Meeker didn’t guess where we were going for a solid three hours – I just told him to keep driving.)


We even kept her up hours past bedtime, and she was a champ. She made friends with some eccentric musicians sitting by us at dinner. She’s pretty cheeky.

Aspen April 2012

We ate at a place called Little Annie’s and the burgers were incredible. Seriously good stuff.


We stayed at The Limelight and the view was seriously good, too.


As was the free breakfast the next morning.

My birthday boy.


Then we spent a lot of time just walking around – which happens to be my second favorite activity on vacations.



She did not like the spinning thing. But Meeker did.


Oh, and my first favorite activity happens to be eating…cake.

Aspen April 20121

Washed down with some mighty good green juice. Balance.


A seriously good surprise birthday present…if I do say so myself. Happy birthday Meeker!


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