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Cinnamon Coconut Ice Cream Scoops

…but more importantly, we had lunch with Lindsay and her family yesterday. (Sorry, Travis!) We went to church together. We made (and ate pizza) together. Our kiddos ran wild together. […]

Birthday Cake Pancakes

What do do with that one, lone leftover piece of birthday cake that’s too dry and crusty to eat on it’s own? Crumble it up and add it to some […]

Kale Salad with Roasted Beets

…for breakfast. It’s not often that wake up wanting salad for breakfast. But it does happen. Today was a kale for breakfast kind of day. Something about the light in […]

Birthday Cake

  This is the second cake I’ve made this week. Meeker has requested two in the last two days. My heart is singing. While making the first one, I ran […]

Frozen PB Maple Banana Bites

So, basically every time I tell you guys that I simply detest bananas…I guess I’m lying. I don’t mean to, but I’m pretty sure I make an amendment to that […]

Aspen in April

(Alternate title for this post: The trip where I forgot a hairbrush. Please excuse the tornado on my head) Not only was this Meeker’s birthday present, but it was Adrienne’s […]

Friday Things

1. We are currently (as you read this!) on Meeker’s birthday surprise trip that I told you guys about last week! Eeee, I can’t wait to show you guys pictures. […]

Chicken Vegetable Taco Soup

This meal started out as a freezer make ahead meal. It was originally called Vegetable Soup with Meatballs. Except that we detested the meatballs (not anyone’s fault, I begged our […]

White Vegetable Pizza

Yes, another pizza. I can’t stop. But seriously, when you can make pizza this good at home, why would you ever stop? I, for one, have no plans. This was […]

Meeker’s Marinara

Do you want to know how spectacularly fortunate I am to be married to my husband? I’ll tell you… When I’m laying on the couch on Sunday afternoon and proclaim […]