1. I met Maddy, the founder of Love Grown yesterday and she is so nice and friendly! She gave me a big hug when I walked in the office – I love hugs. Then I got to meet her parents, who were also incredibly nice. Then she donated TONS of granola for BLEND, you should have seen my car. We virtually buried Baby A in the backseat.


2. Meeker tore down our deck this weekend so he could build a better one. He gashed his arm, came inside, asked me to give him stitches (didn’t happen – we used glue), went back outside, and accidentally stepped on a nail that went through his shoe/foot. Then we had a family outing to go get him a tetanus shot. The deck project is now on hold.



3. I have had ice cream for dinner three nights in a row.


4. I have been cooking, though. Since I’m running around like a madwoman all week getting ready for the retreat, I cooked Meeker some meals to subsist on for the week and weekend I’m away. He’s more than capable of taking care of himself and Baby A all by himself, but it makes me feel much less guilty about abandoning my family.



5. I finally got my hair trimmed. The I’m-growing-my-hair-out-mullet is GONE. Also, I trimmed Lindsay’s hair yesterday (I hope it’s straight!)


6. I did Sunday’s Crossfit workout yesterday, then went to Boulder and (after the haircut) did some serious power stroller walking…for 5 miles. My legs want to fire me.


7. I let Adrienne watch (five minutes of) Sesame Street for the first time this week while I made us lunch.



8. Lunch was a goat cheese, prosciutto, and spinach panini. She gobbled it up. That girl’s taste buds are hilariously adult-like.



9. Oh, I almost forgot, Meeker is building me THIS on our new deck…that is eventually going to happen.

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