My guest poster today, Ashley, doesn’t really need an introduction. You’re probably already in love with her blog, her breakfasts, her photography, and her sweet face, like I am. She introduced me to IKEA in Denver. We hiked the Flatirons in Boulder together. We’ve taken more self- portrait iphone pictures than I can count. We both love our dogs, sprouts, and the spinach enchiladas at Rio Grande. Thank you for the guest post, my friend!

Hi there, Yes I Want Cake readers!  My name is Ashley, and I write the blog Edible Perspective.  While Katie is spending some much needed time with her family, I thought I would send over a guest post.  Today I’m bringing you a photo-list of my current food obsessions. 

I just can’t get enough of the following…

1. Bananas – In one way or another bananas are a part of my breakfast every single day.  I know Katie isn’t the biggest fan but I just love them.  My ideal banana has no green on the peel!


Asparagus – I love the vibrancy of asparagus and the million + one ways you can cook it.  My favorite way to eat asparagus is grilled with a little butter, salt, and pepper.  For the first time this spring, I made an asparagus soup that I polished off myself in less than 24hrs.  Yum.


Cameo appearance by Dakota!

3. Rhubarb – This funky looking food is actually a vegetable and most commonly seen in desserts.  This year was the first time I’ve ever cooked with or tasted rhubarb, and I’m having so much fun experimenting with it.  After cooking down with honey I think it falls somewhere between the flavor of a strawberry + cranberry.  It’s sour, but not quick as mouth-puckering as cranberries are.



4. Avocados – I used to hate avocado.  I used to hate guacamole.  That has now changed.  It started with my love for Chipotle’s guacamole and has since developed into a full on obsession.  I now eat avocado on a daily basis.  If you stop by my house there’s a good chance I will be chowing down on chocolate avocado pudding, munching on avocado-strawberry and goat cheese toasted sandwiches, or scooping it out of the shell with a tortilla chip.



5. Farm Fresh Eggs – You just can’t beat ‘em! 

  • varying shell color + shape
  • golden orange yolks that stand almost an inch tall
  • rich flavor

I eat a LOT of eggs.


6.  Cinnamon – I eat at least 1.5t of cinnamon a day.  Good stuff with loads of health benefits!


7.  Oats – Whether I’m cooking these in a pot for breakfast or grinding them into flour, oats are one of the most frequently used ingredients in my kitchen. 


8.  Nuts – Don’t make me pick a favorite!  I love them all! [except hazelnuts + macadamia…Yes, that means I don’t like Nutella!]

My favorite way to eat nuts?

Raw! I love their natural flavor.

Or, by turning them into nut butter.


9.  Sprouts – My newest obsession this spring.  Sprouts have been included in every salad I’ve made for the past month.  I hope to start sprouting at home, as I’ve heard it’s incredibly easy.


Couldn’t decide on a photo!


10. Kale – It may be cliché, but I don’t care.  I adore kale.  We eat it constantly in the form of kale chips, massaged with dressing for salads, or sautéed in a pan with coconut oil, tamari, and pepper.


11.  Dark Chocolate – Do I really need to explain?

My favorite chocolate filling?

Caramel.  With a little sea salt on top, please!


I hope you enjoyed my current food obsessions!  What foods are on your list?

Sending love + thoughts to the whole Yes I want Cake family.  xo


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