Whenever I was sad, or in a bad mood as a kiddo, my mom always suggested that we write down as many things as we could think of to be grateful for. Usually, we’d get a big yellow legal pad out, and she’d start. I was always huffing and rolling my eyes when we started, but generally, once we got on a roll, we’d fill up the whole sheet of paper and I’d be smiling by the end.

So, even though my mom is no longer around to help me, and – if I’m being honest – I’m furious about that, I thought I’d start my day with some things I’m grateful for.

1. My Family

May 21024

2. Long road trips with big blue skies

May 21022

3. Cousins for Adrienne

May 2102

4. Adrienne and her cheeks

May 21021

5. Getting the chance to meet my dad’s high school buddies last week – and them telling me I look exactly like my mom did when she was younger.

6. Exercise

7. My mother-in-law. Actually, all my in-laws.

8. This fork that Pumpernickle and Wry sent me. (Thank you, I love it to pieces!!)


9. This song

10. Chobani and their generosity. Not only did they sponsor BLEND, but they sent me a thank you/condolences note with a gift card to Whole Foods…which I spent entirely on impulse purchases.


11. My supremely wonderful (and handsome) Meeker


12. You all. Getting the many emails, comments, texts, calls, cards, and tweets from old and new friends, expressing your condolences and sharing memories of my mom is like a giant (virtual) hug that has comforted me more than I can say. Thank you immensely.

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