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things that make me smile…

1. Kettlebells.   2. Smudgy baby handprints on windows, walls, and mirrors.   2. This song. Whoa, whoa, whoooaaaao.   3. Wearing my mama’s engraved wedding band with my wedding […]


Coconut Fudgesicles

Fact. When I get overwhelmed, I like to be in the kitchen. I like to be where I can chop, stir, whisk, pour, and bake…that is where the world makes […]


Lunch Lately

I’ve eaten some variation of an antipasto salad approximately eight days in a row. Spinach, beet greens…and then throw whatever sounds Italian in there. Cubed mozzarella, tomatoes, salami (um, I […]


S’more Pie

Can’t stop, won’t stop. I love summertime and I’ll never stop telling you. Neverrrrrr. Remember when you went to summer camp and you basically LIVED for that hour after dinner […]



    It’s been one-hundred degrees all weekend. You know I love it. (Oh, except for the fires that are closing in all around us. Please, God…send rain.) But I […]


One-Skillet Lemon Garlic Chicken

Remember how I told you guys we were building a new deck? Yeah, it’s a lot of work. Yesterday we got a delivery from Home Depot of ALL the supplies. […]


Blackberry Cream Cake

Let me tell you about an unexpected piece to this grief I’m working through. I have the patience and temperament of a two-year old. I like to consider my self […]


Tuesday Things

1. Have you had this frozen yogurt? It’s wonderful. It’s kind of tart and tangy and one-hundred-percent summery. Go get some.   2. Meeker did some magic on this website […]


Breakfast Bites

So. We’re back home. We were house-sitting last week,  and now I feel like I must put a petition into my husband to build me a pool, putting green, big-huge-deck, […]


Summer Love

In case you are ever in doubt of my obsession with summer…I’ll provide you with some pictures. There’s been swimming. There’s been grilling. Corn on the cob. Nightime golf. The […]