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Toddler Smoothie

It’s official. My tiny, new-born baby girl has turned into toddler. Gone are the days of my six-month-old chub-monster who ate everything I set in front of her because she […]


Spanish Pearled Couscous

True story. I have seven full bags of this whole wheat pearled couscous stuff in my cabinet. SEVEN. Consider this your warning. This is only recipe number TWO – which […]


Tuesday Things

1. I don’t like air conditioning, it makes me cold during the summer which – as far as I’m concerned – is the opposite of what summer is all about. […]


Peanut Butter Whip Cream

How good is whip cream? I’m not talking about cool whip or the spray in your mouth reddi-wip . (Although if I’m being honest, I’m not refined enough to snub […]


Edible Visit

Guess who Adrienne and I visited yesterday?? I’ll give you some hints. This is one of her sweet doggies (looking forlorn because her mama wouldn’t allow her to give A […]


Homemade Playdough

  One of my most vivid memories of my mama is her standing at the stove making playdough. I know I’ve told you guys before, but she taught preschool for […]


Cucumber and Orange Salad

Okay, continuing on with this I Love Summer Theme (for the next 365 days, puhleeeeeze) – I’m going to make you look at pictures of bright cheery things. Like….cucumber peels? […]


15-Minute Easy Summer Skillet

It’s suuummmer. Officailly in my book. Who cares if the calendar says it’s still 15 days away…I don’t. I know this girl agrees. But seriously, who waits until June 20th (or 21st) […]


Embrace the Mess

This whole grieving process is a wild ride. Some days I’ll feel perfectly normal and sane. Other days, the tears won’t stop. Actually, I hadn’t really cried much since the […]


Cereal Cookies

Sometimes you just need a cookie, you know? Oh, and I’ve been meaning to tell you guys, fitmixer has recently sponsored me to be part of their bootcamp – which […]