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Caramel Almond Bars

It all started with these little caramels. They were on sale. Then they actually turned out to be the most complicated part of the recipe…unwrapping those boogers one-by-one was a […]


Sink Swimming

Sometimes instead of going to the pool, I just put Adrienne in the sink. It lets me get stuff done in the kitchen, and it is quite possibly her favorite […]


Grilled Bread + Sweet Ricotta

So, this recipe is almost exactly like this recipe. Except that instead of yogurt, I used cheese. Instead of beets, I’m using grilled bread as a vehicle. You pick your […]


Lunch Lately

  This salad basically owns my taste buds. Sometimes I stare at it – milliseconds before I dig my fork in – and think I could probably add something else, […]


Individual Blueberry Cobblers

Yesterday I opened up the fridge to find two pints of blueberries just staring at me. They were on sale this week. One was obviously going to be consumed like […]


Ouray, Colorado

Wednesday morning, my whole family and I hopped into our respective vehicles, and three (jam) packed cars caravanned six hours to Ouray, Colorado. It’s an old little mining town in […]


Quinoa Cranberry Cookies

Let me tell you a story about my camera. It decided to stop auto-focusing right in the middle of me taking photos of these cookies. I didn’t even know how […]


How to make perfect over-easy eggs.

Let me just start by saying that I’m sure this is not the right way to make over-easy eggs. There is probably some fancy schmancy technical way to make your […]


Summer Love, part ii

It’s past the middle of summer and I sort of want to cry about it. Okay, maybe not technically, but in my mind, summer is June, July, August…which means today, […]


Caribbean Fajitas

I’m pretty sure that there is no activity in my life that wouldn’t be improved upon if I was immediately transported to the Caribbean. Did that sentence even make sense? […]