Let me just start by saying that I’m sure this is not the right way to make over-easy eggs. There is probably some fancy schmancy technical way to make your eggs turn out like this.

But this works. Every time.

When I had Janetha and Susan spend the night in May, I made eggs for them and they told me I needed to do a post about this. So heeeere ya go (three months later).


First, turn that burner up to medium-high with the pan sitting on it.

Then spray your pan down with non-stick spray. This is your most important step. Seriously.


Then crack your egg (or two) into the pan and sprinkle with salt and pepper.


Let them sit there – fight the urge to touch them – until they start to spit and crackle at you. The white parts will look almost done…but I think it’s easiest if you just wait for the popping noise.


Now here’s the second most important step. Put a lid on those puppies and turn the heat allllll the way down to low and stand at the stove for ONE MINUTE.

Don’t walk away. I swear they’ll overcook and you’ll curse me for leading you astray. Stay put. Man the battle station.



After a minute, turn the heat all the way OFF, but leave the eggs in the pan and covered.


Wait thirty seconds to a minute (depending on how well your pan holds heat) and then uncover them, slide them out onto a piece of toast (or two) and enjoy that messy delicious yolk.




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