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Chocolate Coconut Mousse

I’ve had this recipe written on a sticky note in my kitchen for weeks. Except that instead of chocolate coconut mousse, I accidentally wrote chocolate coconut mouse. I’ve been staring […]


Garlic Chive Crackers

Let me tell you a story about this little stinker and some crackers. She loves them so. She also likes zucchini and beets and quinoa and hummus and goat cheese, […]


Egg Hash Muffins

I had a little bit of that sweet potato hash left over. By a little bit, I mean that I had two tupperwares full. One had sausage, one didn’t. I’m […]


Sweet Potato Hash

Somewhere over the last year, I’ve become a non-breakfast-eating person. Which is weird, because it used to be my favorite. I usually get up around five-thirty to workout, drink some […]


scenes from the weekend

I want an everlasting summer weekend. Can someone please make that happen for me? You’d think that weekends wouldn’t matter much in these parts because (a) Meeker goes to work […]


Green Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

The first time I had mashed cauliflower, I was seventeen years old, and I actually thought I was eating mashed potatoes. Maybe a little bit sweeter and a little bit […]


Grilled Peaches + Honey Almond Crumble

Grilled peaches. Let’s chat for a little tiny second. Is there anything more appealing in the summertime than a warm, juicy, straight-off-the-grill peach? Probably not. Although I sort of accidentally […]