This summer I did a twelve-week boot camp sponsored by Fitmixer.

I met the team behind Fitmixer at BLEND this year, and because they were so rad (seriously good people), I agreed to jump on the bootcamp bandwagon.

1-fitmixer crew

I’m so glad I did. Candice, Alicia, and Robin (the three lovely ladies up there) were so encouraging and motivating. I legitimately had FUN with every workout, every day. Plus they helped me keep my diet on track during the bikini months.

If you’re looking for an accessible, do-at-home (twenty to thirty minutes per day) challenge, I can wholeheartedly recommend Fitmixer’s Boot Camp.

If you have specific questions about my experience, I’d be more than happy to answer them. Until then, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite workouts of the twelve-weeks…just a little snippet of what you get.


Get a deck of cards and shuffle them well. Put them in a nice little stack on your coffee table and then draw one card and do the following exercises to correspond with each card:

Hearts: Frog Jumps

Diamonds: Plyo-Lunges

Spades: Supermans

Clubs: Pike-Ups

Joker: run 400 meters

Do the number of reps on each card. So, if you draw a 5 of hearts, you do 5 frog jumps. If you draw a 10 of clubs, do 10 pike-ups. All face cards are 10 reps, and Aces are 11.

You’re finished when you’ve gone through the entire deck.

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