I had forgotten all about the wonder and joy that could be found in a blanket fort on the living room floor.

Adrienne has spent a good chunk of the last forty-eight hours playing in this little blanket-lean-to that she calls her popcorn fort. (So named because she loves popcorn, and loves her fort…therefore they are irrevocably intertwined. Also, because she eats a lot of popcorn in there.)

The two-square foot space is full of toys, a couple of sippy cups, her prized rock collection, our keys, my cell phone, a watering can, and lots and lots of smiles. She owns that little space and she knows it. You should see the way she confidently marches over to it declaring…POCK-CORN FOAT.Β A place all her own. (Remember how cozy and content you felt Β in a fort?!)

Here’s to carrying that contentment around with you wherever you are today. Happy Monday to ya.

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