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I’ve taken all of these photos from my back deck (some iphone, some camera) over the last month.   I mean. Seriously. And obviously the pictures don’t even do a […]


Sautéed Green Tomato Salad

Remember my green tomatoes? You guys were so nice to send me a multitude of not-fried-green-tomato recipes. My grandma even relayed a recipe to my aunt who texted it to […]


Pumpkin Ice Cream + Cornflake Crunch

It is entirely too cold for ice cream. I can’t even believe my brain went there. I actually started out thinking of a neighbor that Meeker and I used to […]


Workouts Lately

Remember when I used to post my workouts all the time? I barely do. Rest assured, I’m still exercising daily (I know you were worried). I’ve been doing a mix […]


Butternut Squash + Zucchini Couscous

This couscous is the only thing I ever want again. Roast. Drizzle, Mix. Get on my fork. Then in my belly. Burp. Repeat.   Oh and speaking of repeats. See […]


Friday Things

1. I had to harvest all the tomatoes out of our garden yesterday because it is supposed to snow this weekend. What should I do with all the green ones? […]


Caramel Apple Cake

One of the most useful things I learned in my high school spanish class involved food. Shocker. I know. Our profe used to offer extra credit to the students who […]


Mama’s Chicken Spaghetti

My mama used to make this chicken spaghetti. She made it in double and triple batches because when I was in high school, I used to bring my friends home […]


Leftover Grains

…and beans. You know when you have 1/4 cup leftover of this, 1/3 cup or that…not enough to make a recipe out of, but too much to throw away? I […]


Cinnamon Apricot Tea

It’s that time of year where I need to have something warm in my hands. At all times. For the next eight months. So yesterday, while I was watching the […]