1. I was sent some Crio Brü samples a few weeks ago from Kick Starter  and I loved it. It’s like hot chocolate without the sweet. LITERALLY just hot chocolate that you brew like coffee. The kind I like the best has flavor notes of cinnamon and coconut. Seriously. (Also, flavor notes. How grown up did I sound when when you read that?)


2. How awesome is this idea for a gift? Or a gift to yourself?


3. Adrienne shoved a little boy at the library yesterday. Shoved him hard. Ninety-nine percent of my reaction was pure embarrassment and shock. I blushed and made her apologize and sit in my lap for the rest of story time. The other one percent of me was proud of her because she had told the little boy to stop hugging her at least three times. He didn’t listen. Went in for the hug, she shoved.  (Then I got in my car and cried because I wanted so desperately to call my mama and ask her how to deal with it)


4. Some of you asked about my cake stand in the pancake post yesterday. It’s an easy little project – follow these directions (and forget the ribbon part if you like, I did)


5. This kitchenette is on the top of Adrienne’s Christmas list (she just doesn’t know it yet, and neither does Meeker – who will be the one to make it. I hope.)


6. I went to Arizona last weekend and my sweet husband stayed home with Adrienne. Because I missed her so fiercely, he constantly filmed her being cute and sent me links to the videos. I think this one is my favorite. Or maybe this one. Wait…this one where she has the hiccups and says OH GOLLY and I LOVE MOMMY and sucks her thumb a lot.


7. You guys. Christmas is less than twenty days away and I have not started Christmas shopping. Somebody come kick me into gear. (I remember saying this exact thing last year)


8. I’m still obsessed with sunrises. This is from yesterday.


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