Adrienne meets Santa Claus


Adrienne got to meet Santa Claus at the library last week. Here she is hiding from him before her turn to go sit on his lap.


Hiding, but a little interested.


Oh, and here is where he called her a HANDSOME YOUNG BOYand asked her if she’d like a truck or a ball for Christmas (in truth, she’d probably like both of those things).


But you better believe she wasn’t going to look that man in the eyes. Or let go of the larabar she was fiercely gripping in her little fist.


In the end, she let him hug her and sing to her, he gave her a candy cane, we went back to our car, and all was well.


And the whole way home she wouldn’t stop talking about how much she loved Santa Claus.

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  1. elaine c.:

    aww, that’s stinkin’ cute. i love seeing pics of little ones with santa — they are almost always hilarious and adorable :-)

  2. Nancy Caron:

    She’s adorable!

  3. Nicole @ Just Live It:

    “Dear Santa, little boys don’t typically wear shirts with little bows. Love, Nicole” LOL! :) What a special time to capture on camera. She is SUCH a cutie!!

  4. Blog is the New Black:

    I sound so creepy but that child is gorgeous- I just love the pics you post of her, Katie. Such a nugget!

  5. Jamily:

    She’s so cute! Her face in the 4th photo is priceless. My baby has that shirt, too! I love the little bows.

  6. Amy @Macncheesenpeas:

    hahahaha her face is soooo funny! Adorable!

  7. Ally's Sweet & Savory Eats:

    I’m glad my daughter is not the only one who gets called a boy…doesn’t help her name is Taylor…which can go either way. I think it’s because both our girls have little to no blond hair???

  8. emily hassman:

    Adorable, as usual… and seriously, she doesn’t look like a boy. (Especially not when she’s wearing ruffles and bows?!)

  9. Katie:

    Haha! That was my thought when I dressed her!

  10. Katie:

    I think so, too. And Adrienne (Adrian) can go either way, too…not helpful.

  11. Kaitlin @4loveofcarrots:

    aw how cute!! didn’t santa notice the bows on her shirt?

  12. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More:

    She is just so precious! Glad she liked Santa despite his ignorance. ;)

  13. Leigh Saulsbury:

    Dearest Katie! I love the photos and the story of Adrienne’s outing to Santa. You are such a good mom. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  14. Cooking with Michele:

    My dad played Santa for over 40 years for various organizations, ending with playing Santa for the old folks in their retirement community. He grew his beard out starting in August every year. Being Santa was one of the things that kind of defined him – kind, giving, friendly to everyone – and Christmas just isn’t the same this year with him gone.

  15. Jessie:

    A boy in a ruffled shirt with bows. Geez Santa, get a grip! She’s adorable and I see HAIR growing!!! Ponytails, here we come. :)

  16. Katie:

    Oh Michele, what a great memory! But I am sure the difficulty of him not being here is compounded every time you see a santa! Big hugs to you.

  17. Katie:

    can’t even wait for the ponytail.

  18. Heather @ Heather's Dish:

    Oh my gosh. I really really love her!

  19. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries:

    Lol I haven’t seen many boys with little ruffles and bows on their shirts… Adorable photos!

  20. Marcee .... ILLINOIS:

    Yeah-yeah. Adrienne’s cute bow-teeshirt caught my eyes immediately. Obviously Mr. Santa Claus did not notice. Ohwell. This might just happen a lot ….. where little girls and boys are mistaken for each other! Ha. Too funny.

  21. Marcee .... ILLINOIS:


    Hope your holidays are absolutely fantastic Katie!

  22. Deanna:

    Aww I loved how she talked about how much she loved Santa on the way home!!!

  23. Jen:

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing such a fun, cute, and funny story!

  24. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables:

    She is precious!! She is the prettiest little boy I’ve ever seen. ;)

  25. hippierunner:

    Oh man, you tell stories so well- i definitely laughed out loud. Adrienne is too cute! The apprehension on her face as she sat on Santa’s lap is hysterical.

  26. Sasa:

    I love everything about this. That’s amazing. And if Santa’s gonna bring her boy toys, that sounds good to me. No need for princess dresses and barbie dolls. I’ll take the boy toys any day!

  27. Caitlin:

    so kind of her to love him even if he mistook her for a boy! i don’t know how many boys he sees wearing shirts with bows on them, but oh well. a candy cane can buy any baby’s happiness! :)

  28. elise:

    couldnt santa have taken some wardrobe clues?? i dont think ill be putting my son in a ruffly shirt with ribbons, but i guess you never know…
    either way, adrienne is adorable peeking out behind the chairs. i think id use a larabar as a stress toy too!

  29. Diana:

    Her face in the photo captioned “and this is when he called her a handsome boy…” SO skeptical. LOVE IT! She is such a little babe!

  30. Emily @ FashionablyLateSisters:

    That is the cutest Santa story ever! What an adorable munchkin you have.

  31. Katie @ Blonde Ambition:

    Um, first off, that is an AWESOME Santa. Second off, this is the cutest “Santa Reaction” I’ve seen recorded. So adorable!

    Kind of related note, my boyfriend has a beard and pretty much every human under the age of 2 is frightened of him, haha. I really think it is the facial hair that freaks ‘em out!

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  33. Katie:

    Me tooooo.

  34. Cait:

    HAHAHA – that sounds about right! And…handsome little boy!?! WHAT!! That santa needs to get his eyes checked!

  35. Sarah:

    Too, too sweet. Well except for the little boy part… The candy cane makes everything better!

  36. Maria:

    Oh my goodness gracious, so looks like the Gerber baby, only like 100x more adorable. So sweet.

  37. [New Balance] Nicole:

    She is so precious! :)

  38. Candice:

    She did so well!! My twinners fahreeeaked. ha! She is an absolute doll! She sure deserves everything on her wish list ;)

  39. Angela:

    She is too dang cute! Much braver than I ever was around Santa :)

  40. Christina:

    I am going to take her advice and stop making eye contact with people who freak me out.

    Her little face! It is absolutely adorable how she is is on the brink of losing it but trying to stay polite about it, even after being called a BOY. A boy in a ruffled shirt with bows no less.

  41. Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily:

    She is so beyond adorable!

  42. Kelly:

    So cute! Except I’d ask Santa Clause the last time he saw a little boy wearing a shirt with bows and ruffles?? ha!

  43. Kelly:

    And clearly you can tell I am Jewish because I can’t spell Santa Claus correctly. :)

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    [...] (Take that, Santa Claus.) [...]

  45. Ross | TheFaceBaby:

    “Hiding” behind see-through chairs … too funny. Merry Christmas!!