a little bow for a little girl.


I loved her little bald head. I really did. I thought I might actually be sad when she started growing hair. BUT JUST LOOK HOW CUTE.

It’s the darndest thing. She went from peach fuzz to ACTUAL strands of hair in just a few weeks.

I basically pet her head all day long, and try on different bows (that she’s had since birth) and try to wrangle those six hairs into a ponytail daily…but they don’t want to be tied down just yet. So until then, bring on the bow clips.

(Take that, Santa Claus.)

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  1. Sarah (The Simple Dietitian):

    Too cute! I love her little bow. :D

  2. Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile:

    Sooo adorable!

  3. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More:

    I somehow missed at first that you said “Take that, Santa” and almost said it myself!! ;)

  4. emily hassman:

    Too much cute… can’t handle it… you 2 really are the sweetest mother-daughter pair.

  5. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries:

    You both look adorable! A stylin’ mama with a precious little girl – love it!

  6. Amy @Macncheesenpeas:

    ahhh so adorable!! She’s such a cute little blondie!

  7. Olivia @ Liv Lives Life:

    So cute! And what does Santa know…. ;-)

  8. Bev @ Bev Cooks:

    That face kiiiiiiills me. I want a bow!

  9. Danica @ It's Progression:

    Gorgeous–both of you!

  10. Calee:

    awww … so cute. she was adorable with a bald head, but your lil girlie is growing up!

  11. Heather @ Better With Veggies:

    So freakin cute!! :)

  12. Sarah:


  13. Cait:

    I loved her little bald head too, I have to say. But those 6 hairs are pretty darn cute too :)

  14. Naomi(onefitfoodie):

    hahaha omg she is the darn cutest!!

  15. eliza:

    Katie, I was a little baldy (with light brown peach fuzz) till (according to my mother) about two years old! Many people thought I was the cutest little boy….but looking back at pictures I laugh because I have very thick and soft hair now!!

  16. emily:

    Too freaking cute! She is so adorable with that bow.

    I was fairly premature so I didn’t have hair for awhile. My mom TAPED bows to my bald head for months!

  17. Ross | TheFaceBaby:

    Oh, she knows what’s up. Too cute!

  18. teri [a foodie stays fit]:

    i’m trying to decide who is cuter, you or her. love her bow. love your sunglasses and hat. love how you make motherhood like the BEST thing in the world. :)

  19. Katie:

    I am from Denver too. I now live in Southern California for my husband’s job but I was just in Colorado for Christmas and miss it so much!