BLEND Retreat 2013!!


The time has come, friends, for me to tell you more about Blend Retreat! if you are just joining us here on Yes, I want cake, let me tell you a short little story.

Once upon a time, Lindsay started reading my blog. She read it from beginning to end. She decided she loved me. She did the same thing to Janetha and then Lindsay started her OWN blog. Then Lindsay asked Janetha and I if we wanted to organize a retreat for bloggers. We said yes. And Blend (blogger+friend) Retreat was born!

The end.

(See, told you it was short.)

So. We had the first annual retreat in Boulder, Colorado back in may 2012. It was fun. It was delicious. It was amazing. I was so excited to plan the next retreat. And that is just what we have been doing for the past few months. Now, finally, we can tell you all the fabulous details!

Blend Retreat 2013 is going to be held in Park City,UT. I could not be more pumped about it.

Also, this is kind of neat. I’m (hopefully, ninety-nine percent sure) dragging these two little chickens along with me this year. So if you come, you’ll meet them too.


Okay, now for the ALL IMPORTANT DETAILS.

Tickets to the Blend Retreat will go on sale on Sunday, January 27th at 8 PM EST. There will only be 125 tickets for sale, so please be sure to be near your computer at that time. (I’ll pause while you go set an alarm)

Ticket prices for early-bird registration will be $100. The price will go up on February 17th.

For more details (schedule, lodging situation/prices, WHAT EXACTLY your ticket price buys you, and info about our amazing sponsors) head on over to the BLEND RETREAT WEBSITE.

See you in May. (ps you do NOT have to be a blogger to attend…all readers welcome!)

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  1. Lindsay's List:


  2. joelle (on a pink typewriter):

    YES!!! Comiiiiiiiiiiing!

  3. Kaitlin @4loveofcarrots:

    ah I wish I could go! I will be headed to Germany on the 19th so I really cannot complain ;)

  4. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More:

    I AM SO EXCITED I COULD SQUEAL! (and maybe DID..) ;)

  5. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table:

    I cannot WAIT!!! Thank you all ofr organizing such an epic event. Again. :)

  6. Calee:

    weeeeeee! thanks again for organizing this!

  7. Marie @ Chocolate and Wine:

    I wish I lived closer! Can we have one in the NorthEast eventually?? Boston is too far from Utah =(

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  8. Emily @ Gingham and Steel:

    Maybe next year I’ll be able to! It sounded so great last year, but I’m already traveling that weekend in May this year, so I’ll just have to hear all about how great it is through you!

  9. Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning:

    YES. I can’t wait!
    Can Adrienne be my roommate? You and Meeker can have some private time! ;)

  10. janetha:


  11. Katie @ Blonde Ambition:

    I reeeeally want to go! But I don’t know when I find out if I’ll be able to take a day off work. Hopefully before February 17th! Wahhh

  12. Heather @ Better With Veggies:

    I’ve been planning and scheming my way to get here for months – because you know this is the weekend of my last BIG weekend of Ironman training. I still don’t know what the heck I’m going to do, but no matter what I’ll be at Blend. I may not be joining in as many bootcamp experiences, but I’ll be there either way! :)

  13. Bonnie:

    WOOT! You already know I’m excited about this! :D

  14. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables:

    I can’t stinking wait to hug your neck…again!

  15. Ashley:

    It sounds so fun, wish I lived closer! excited for yall~
    Hey see if A likes MJ!


  16. lindsay:

    alright! louis is coming!! heeh

  17. Rebecca @ Blueberry Smiles:

    Boo, it’s the weekend before my wedding so I’m sure ill be too stressed to go– bummed to miss it, maybe next year!!